Our National Officers
Bryan Gallman President BryanG@gistfamilyreunion.com
Willie Gist Vice- President WillieG@gistfamilyreunion.com
Deborah Simms Secretary DeborahS@gistfamiyreunion.com
John Billingsley Treasurer JohnB@gistfamilyreunion.com
Vicki Baxter Scholarship Chair vickbax@gmail.com

Our Origin

The Gist Family Reunion National Committee was established in bylaws which were ratified in 1994.
The creation and existence of the committee is based upon:
  • The common desire to evolve the Gist Family reunions to the “next level” while also achieving greater planning and fiscal effectiveness and efficiency.
  • The need to have a national structure because of a vast family presence across the United States.
  • A firm belief that our love, respect and continued fellowship with one another will facilitate our family’s rich heritage and legacy flourishing from generation to generation.
Our Mission
The National Committee’s mission encompasses multiple tasks and responsibilities such as:
  • Providing a central collection point for family member’s ideas, suggestions and views regarding family reunion matters.
  • Providing a national entity that is capable of assisting local family reunion committees whenever needed.
  • Communicating and promoting family events and activities.
  • Providing a positive example for future generations to appreciate the legacy of our shared heritage.

Our Purpose
We strive to develop and promote family cohesiveness and unity through scheduled events and/or media resources such as:
  • Reoccurring Gist Family Reunions
  • Maintaining a current Gist Family Email List
  • Hosting the Gist Family Website 
These resources and activities facilitate:
  • Information sharing & timely updates
  • Global announcement of significant events & associated dates
  • Introduction of family members & their professions
  • Family member Achievement & Accomplishment Recognition
  • Dialog exchange among family members
Our Strategy
In order to achieve our Mission, the national committee:
  • Seeks to facilitate and oversee the planning, organizing, directing, and effective communications of all family reunions.
  • Seeks to investigate additional ways to enhance our legacy and promote continued fellowship with one another.
The National Committee’s Action Plan involves:
  • Regularly scheduled meetings to discuss active projects and current or future family reunion matters.
  • Discussion and dissemination of new family reunion ideas, concepts or suggestions to all family members for review and feedback.
  • Brainstorming and identifying methods to minimize the financial impacts & costs associated with attending family reunions.