It has been the desire of the Gist National Family Reunion to start a scholarship fund. As we know many of our ancestors did not get an opportunity to be educated. It was forbidden. Although our family could not attend many schools our mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and grandparents understood the importance of getting an education. For our first scholarship the family will award a high school senior that will be continuing their education at a 2-4 year program or trade program at an accredited institute of learning. This includes, community colleges, colleges and universities and trade programs (i.e. electrical, plumbing, nursing, law enforcement, hospitality, business).
The Gist National Family Reunion will present a monetary gift to at least one graduating high school senior or first year attendee in college or trade school at the upcoming family reunion. The recipient must fill out the application, meet the criteria, and be in attendance at the family reunion with the exception of special circumstances approved by the scholarship committee.

Requirements Governing the Gist National Family Reunion Scholarship
Must be a descendant of Frederick, Solomon, Sampson, Starks, James, Simon, or Renia Gist and submit the following: 
  1. High school transcript (student has, at least, a 3.0 GPA/85% average first 3 quarters)
  2. Letter of recommendation (examples: from a school counselor, teacher, church official, employer, family member, etc.) with their contact information 
  3. Submit a Personal Statement (a brief description of yourself that includes your career goals and personal aspirations)
  4. A recent photograph 
  5. Write at least a 1-page essay (250-500 words) on one of the topics listed below:
  1. The Gist Family or any family member
  2. What the Gist National Family Reunion means to you 
  3. The importance of continuing the Gist Family Reunions
  1. The Gist National Family Scholarship Committee would like to get to know you better, please answer the following questions/statements:
  1. Describe your academic plans to achieve the goals listed in your Personal Statement. 
  2. What is the motivation behind your goals? 
  3. In what activities did you participate while in high school? (include extra-curricular, internships, volunteer and jobs) 
  4. List any offices held or honors received in these activities
  5. List any academic honors you have received (Please attach your responses on separate sheet of paper) 
  1. Work 3 hours of family service during the reunion and help plan youth reunion activities or workshop for the upcoming reunion.
Applicant must be able to document either attendance in or acceptance by the school of choice by May 1, 2024.   We must receive the completed application postmarked no later than May 1, 2024 with all attachments to: 
Gist National Family Reunion Scholarship Committee 
Ms. Vicki Baxter- Chairperson

The documents can be scanned and emailed to the Scholarship Chairwoman, Ms. Vicki Baxter at   If you prefer to mail the documents please email to request our mailing address.