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March 30, 2020 


We are in the midst of unprecedented contagion, economic distress, and anxiety due to the coronavirus, COVID-19.  It’s with a heavy heart and great disappointment that I write to inform you that the 2020 Gist National Family Reunion has been postponed due to the pandemic. The National Committee explored all of our options and voted unanimously to reschedule the 2020 Raleigh reunion to July 2021 in Raleigh.  We will also continue with the 2022 Reunion which is scheduled to be held in Spartanburg, SC. 

We realize that our decision is not the perfect solution but I assure you that we gave careful consideration to all of our options before we reached our decision. Here are some other important details:
  • We will email the family members who had already submitted registration fees, by April 2, to discuss reimbursement of monies paid.   
  • You need to reach out to the hotel to cancel your reservation if you already made reservations.   
  • Elections for National Offices was scheduled for 2020.  They will be held at the 2021 reunion in Raleigh. 
  • We hope to award a scholarship at the 2021 reunion in Raleigh.  
Faith and family have been Gist anchors during rough times.  My experience is that God does some of His best work when the going gets tough and that family love provides the encouragement needed to endure.  Let’s continue to look out for each other.  Each member of this family is a first responder; when we hear the call, we don't hesitate to take action. 

You can email one of National Committee members if you have any questions.  Willie, John, Deborah and I are praying for the entire family.  Find peace in knowing that God is the creator and sustainer of our world. In this season of uncertainty, remember that He is your refuge and strength, your ever-present help in times of trouble.  

Finally, remember to pray for those who are affected by this illness, whether as a patient, caregiver, or anxiety from the pandemic. Pray strength and insight over the many doctors, healthcare workers, and researchers devoting themselves to better understanding and treating COVID-19. May God cover our entire family with His peace and protection! 
Blessings and Love, 

Hi Family,

We are holding another family reunion and we will use this website as a tool for providing information about the event. The 2020 family reunion will be held in Raleigh/Durham NC.   We will provide updates as we finalize details consequently we hope that you will visit this website periodically.

Do you have names and addresses of families we might be missing?  Please enter whatever information you may  have to create a profile for them.  Each profile created  will be verified before it is added to our database.

Don't forget to enter an RSVP  to attend.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your RSVP if you enter  your e-mail address and your RSVP will automatically be added to the "Who's Coming" Page.   Please list everyone in your family who will be attending with you.  

Lots of Love,

Your Family Reunion Planning Committee 2020

2020 Reunion Postponed
Reunion Dates  Done  July 3-5, 2020 in Raleigh, NC
Hotel  Done  Doubletree Brownstone University in Raleigh, NC. $109/night
Park  Done  Biltmore Hills Park in Raleigh, NC
Registration Forms  Available  
 Activities  Pending  More details to follow soon
 Scholarship Forms   Deadline  Pending  Click Here 


GIST FAMILY MEMBERS: Please click here and add your profile on our website (if you have not done so already) so that we can stay connected.  

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Regarding the July 2020 Family Reunion- would you prefer to:

Continue as scheduled for July 2020
Reschedule to late August 2020- presuming facilities are available
Reschedule for July 2021 & then have the reunion in July 2022 (already scheduled)
Reschedule for July 2021 & then go back to reunions every 2 years (next in 2023)
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